Company Profile


We are an international integrated lighting &electric supplier based on NINGBO Seaport,are committed to supply suitable lighting and electrical products with the most reasonable price and the shortest delivery for customers.

We manufacture, we design, we R&D, we inspect, we OEM, we ODM.Based on our solid connection in the lighting industry, we could optimize the resources to bring what customers want.

Since 1996, company sales have reached 1 billion USD for last 20 years and the annual turnover reached 120 million at 2015.

Nowadays, our products are widely welcomed by 280 Key strategic customers and popular in more than 50 countries all over the world. Meanwhile, we have over 300 suppliers around the world and have established long-term stable and cooperative relationship with more than 100 of them.

The comprehensive customer service ability, independent product development ability and diversified supply-chain management will enable our clients, our partner suppliers and ourselves develop and expand in the system.


Provide cost-effective products、High quality control、Delivery assurance



Our Mission:To bring luminosity to the world

Our Vision:To be top-notch supplier in intelligent lighting industry

Our Value:Integrity、passion and dedication



Product Catalog
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